System to provide Reading Aid to Visually Impaired People

  • Saloni Chaturvedi
  • Milind Chechani
  • Krisha Gautami
  • Kashyap Joshi


Artificial intelligence and Machine learning is fast evolving in today’s world running towards digitization and automation, ranging from cancer detection using scans in Healthcare to driverless automatic electric cars. The system to provide reading aid is an approach to help said differently abled people to gain emotional independency in life, when it comes to reading text visuals, be it in the form of a book, newspaper or notice board. It will help increase scope of education for visually impaired which was formerly relatively less possible due to unavailability of books in Braille. For this technology, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and Signal Processing (Raw images) is use, coupled with a camera module attached to the Raspberry Pi.

Keywords: Optical Character Recognition (OCR), OpenCV, Raspberry Pi, Raw Image Processing, TTS, Visual


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