Online E-commerce Venture - Choose The Best

  • Vidya Zope
  • Divya Borse
  • Divya Kalwani
  • Drishti Parchani
  • Suraj Gangwani


This paper entitled 'E-commerce venture -choose the best' plays a key role in the upliftment of digitization and automation of small-scale businesses. The majority of the small businesses in India don't have a website according to the survey conducted by GoDaddy-world's largest technology services provider. In short, the proposed system aims at building online e-commerce ventures to satisfy the needs of small businesses and enterprises by providing extensive machine learning features.

Keywords: Recommender system, Online business, Online system, Users, Data processing, Security, E-commerce.


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Zope, V., Borse, D., Kalwani, D., Parchani, D., & Gangwani, S. (2021). Online E-commerce Venture - Choose The Best. Asian Journal For Convergence In Technology (AJCT) ISSN -2350-1146, 7(1), 38-43.