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We support open access publishing as part of our commitment to the widest possible dissemination of research outputs.

The open access policies of all our journals are fully compliant with all existing funder requirements - specifically, Plan S/cOAlition S, all US federal funding agencies, HHMI, European Commission/ERC, UKRI and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

How are we compliant with funder open access policies?

Example: Plan S
An article can be compliant in the following ways:

  1. Published in an Open Access journal
  2. By deposit of the Author Accepted Manuscript in an institutional or subject repository with zero embargo and CC-BY licence
  3. As part of a transformative agreement in the author's country

Benefits of open access publishing

Authors who choose open access publication are likely to benefit from increased dissemination and citation.

We apply exactly the same standards of high-quality, rapid peer review and production to all papers, whether they are available under open access or subscription only.

Article processing charges (APCs)

Under this scheme, by paying an APC, your article will be published with a Creative Commons licence and be made freely and re-usable and available to all. 

Submission of an article is free, but if it is accepted for publication, the authors are asked to pay a fee to have their article made open access immediately upon publication.



Basic information about open access (OA)

What is the difference between “free” content and “open access” content?

Free content usually consists of editorial matter such as tables of contents, covers, advertisements, etc. This content is available A content is technical in nature, peer reviewed, supported by article processing fees, and available to all.

Authors may obtain the accepted version of their article through the Author Gateway.

Why should authors publish open access?

Some funder mandates (such as Plan S by cOAlition S) require authors to publish their work in open access journals. Many institutions also encourage their authors to publish OA, and some provide funds to help authors do so.

Are AJCT open access journals compliant with funder mandates such as Plan S?

Yes, AJCT is  fully open access journals are compliant with funder mandates as all articles will be published under the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY) or the Creative Commons Attribution, NonCommercial, No Derivatives License (CCBY-NC-ND), enabling authors to retain copyright.

Do all AJCT journals accept OA articles?

Yes. AJCT journals accept OA articles.

How does an author select open access?

All papers are publishing in open acess only


What fees are charged for OA publication?

As of 1 January 2020, the no Article Processing Charge (APC) is applicable to AJCT journal ,only fees of DOI charges will be applicable. This free APC charge will be applicable from March 2020 to April 2021 due to COVID 19 Pendamic. 

The APC of 50 USD will be applicable after the due date.