• Azra Batool
  • Shaheen Naz


Vision is the most beautiful and important gift from God to all his creatures especially for human beings. But unfortunately there are some people who lack this beauty and are unable to capture the beauty of this world from their own eyes. Third eye for blind  is a development which involves various areas such as, software engineering, hardware designing and science that enables visually impaired persons to see and explore the world confidently and independently by recognising the neighbouring objects by using ultrasonic waves and inform the person with a beep ring or vibration. As per WHO(world health organisation) 2.2 billion people suffer from vision impairment. They are facing troubles in their lifestyle. This device can act as an innovation for the visually impaired people. From a lot of advantages we found the property of  being reasonable within a limited cost, a very important merit of the project. The Arduino Pro Mini 328 board is tied like a band. This is provided with ultrasonic sensor, consisting of module. By utilising this sensor-module, the person is able to see the objects near them and can travel effectively. At any point where this sensor senses any object, it informs the person by beep-sound or vibration. In this way this becomes a computerized gadget. Accordingly this gadget will be of utmost  use for the blind people and can allow them to move from any place with confidence.

Keywords: Arduino, Wearable band, buzzer, blind, people, compact, ultrasonic, obstacles, google street-view


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