An IoT based Real-Time Monitoring of Water Quality System

  • Najiya Naj
  • Amogh Sanzgiri


With the emerging technologies and new generation, each field is developing gradually, like IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud Computing, etc. Currently, the Internet of Things (IoT) has become the pillar of all connected technologies, without which we can’t imagine our single day. IoT is useful in every aspect of our life. Also, water is an essential component for all living beings, and monitoring of water quality and its parameter is a must to get safe water. The proposed model, water quality monitoring in Aquaculture based on IoT which is used to determine the different parameters of water like, pH value, turbidity, temperature, to detect the bad quality which may lead to any disease or adverse effect to a living being. So, it is crucial to detect the quality of water to have safe water for a healthy life. Traditional approaches include a manual collection of samples with complex methodology and ineffective because of time-consuming, high cost, lack of real-time monitoring and testing is done later in the laboratory.

Keywords: IoT, Temperature sensor, Turbidity sensor, pH sensor, ThingSpeak, Water Quality.


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