IOT Based Application for monitoring and Predicting Air Quality in the environment

  • Vaishnavi Kulkarni
  • Priyanka Mudaliar
  • Rutuja Jaid
  • Abhijeet Kumar Mandal
  • Kranti M Kamble


India has been dealing with pollution for a long time. As the matter of fact, in February, India was home to six out of 10 of the world’s most polluted cities. While on the contrary, atmospheric pollution, surrounding pollutants are about 1000 times more likely to be transmitted to the lungs, causing diseases The main sources of air pollution are motor vehicle emissions, illegal industrial activities, harmful pesticides, and many times we see LPG gas leakages and cylinder truck accidents on the road which are harmful to us and can take our lives. Therefore, poor air quality results in many health complications, such as heart disease, lung cancer, and breathing problems like asthma. It is important to regulate air pollution and also to incorporate technology, sensors, and software systems to ensure that air pollution is closely monitored. Our efforts in this project are to create an application that can be used to track air quality to take preventive steps to keep our living environment healthy. The program is user-friendly and works to produce real-time air quality warnings as a preventive mechanism. Our key contribution is to build a monitoring system for air quality that senses the real-time data of surrounding parameters such as carbon monoxide and PM level and warns people when the sum of these elements goes above a certain limit and presents the data in a format that is easy to understand.

Keywords: Air quality, Raspberry pi, Internet Of Things (IoT), Air Quality Index (AQI), Sensors, Air pollution.


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