Industrial Pipe Conveyor Belt Orientation Monitoring System

  • S. S. Patil
  • Ajay Jare
  • Ashish Akhade
  • Saurabh Harihar


Pipe conveyors, also referred to as tube conveyors, conveyor belts which are loaded with a material to be conveyed and after being loaded are closed into the conformation of tube by overlapping the belt edges. Belts may twist because of uneven loading, uneven guidance through curves, or otherwise poorly aligned systems.Undesired rotation of the pipe conveyor belt should be avoided and the problem should be corrected as soon as possible to limit, prevent or minimize damage to the system and loss of material. Keeping in mind the same, we present the development and characterization of an Industrial Pipe Conveyor Belt Orientation Monitoring System. The proposed system is composed of a microcontroller interfaced with Li-Dar sensors and a Wi-Fi module. The design of the monitoring system is such that it can monitor the orientation of the pipe belt from a considerable distance with ease.

Keywords: ATmega328P, Li-Dar sensor, pipe belt, Time of Flight


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