Image Captioning from Wikipedia for Multi-Language using Deep Learning Models

  • Anusha Garlapati
  • Neeraj Malisetty
  • Gayathri Narayanan
Keywords: Text-Classification, Image Captioning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision


With the advancement in deep learning, the consolidation of text classification and image processing has agitated enormous scrutiny in the past years. Captioning images are advanced research mainly in the field of computer vision. Identification of relevant items, their properties, and their connection in images is required for image captioning. This image captioning is a complex and challenging task, several developments are done in this field by researchers. But now, Technology can develop a model that can bring out the closest text or captions explaining an image because of the advancement in deep learning methodologies and the enormous amounts of data that is available. In the beginning, it was contemplated impractical that a computer could characterize an image.


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Garlapati, A., Malisetty, N., & Narayanan, G. (2022). Image Captioning from Wikipedia for Multi-Language using Deep Learning Models. Asian Journal For Convergence In Technology (AJCT) ISSN -2350-1146, 8(1), 94-101.

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