Deployment of Medibot in Medical Field

  • P. Reshmanth
  • P. Sushanth Chowdary
  • Yogitha. R
  • R. Aishwarya


During this pandemic situation, most of people's health care is in the need of medicine and doctors' suggestions to improve and protect their health. Also, have seen many such cases where many people have been infected by COVID. To reduce physical contact and help the people from the spread of diseases the proposed methodology is to implement the medibot in hospitals. A medical bot is a Chatbot that uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) by text format. The medibot is supported by AI and Deep Learning for Medical Diagnostics. The goal of the project is to create a medibot that overcomes the proposed methodology. Many people could not meet the doctors for simple problems such as cold and fever. To reduce these cases will implement the medibot. This medibot can communicate with the patients and understand the symptoms, it will also give them medicines.

Keywords: Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Medi Bot, symptoms, Artificial intelligence, Natural language processing.


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