A Review on Comparative analysis and methods of Early detection of Brain tumor using Deep Learning CNN

  • Shubham K Makwana
  • Vinod P Patel
Keywords: Brain tumor, CNN architecture, MRI images, Deep neural network.


According to the last Report of International Association of Cancer Registries which is a Global cancer observatory of World health organization has reported 28,000 cases in India each year and more than 24,000 people reportedly die due to brain tumor annually. Harmful Brain tumor have three types that is Glioma, Meningioma and Pituitary tumor. For image data of brain tumor, MRI and CT Scan are mostly used. But as per research study, MRI is used more compare to CT scan and others. Deep learning has a capability to work on very deep neural network process. Convolutional neural network works on more efficient way to improve object detection. The Aim of this paper is to compare different pretrained convolution neural network based developed methods and models to predict or detect tumour symptoms early through Image data using Deep Learning technique. The main focus of this paper about study and review of different CNN models, algorithms, datasets and compared their results for accuracy as well as pictorial view of the tumor shape.


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How to Cite
Makwana, S. K., & Patel, V. P. (2022). A Review on Comparative analysis and methods of Early detection of Brain tumor using Deep Learning CNN. Asian Journal For Convergence In Technology (AJCT) ISSN -2350-1146, 8(1), 114-118. https://doi.org/10.33130/AJCT.2022v08i01.017

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