OCR Oriented Reading System for Blind People

  • Pooja Shree H R
  • Dr. Revathi


The current engendering of the digital phones has prominent hardware endowment and a speedier operation that is robust and ample to evolve applications that facilitate the user to be a part of and act with the Universe at their own convenience. this method is an OCR scanning system that uses a camera application present in your smartphone consolidated with Optical Character Recognition (OCR). OCR may well be a mechanism that converts pictures of manuscripts or printed content into machine-encoded text. During this system, the application will scan and convert the content that is written in English (West Germanic language) accent into a speech format. By victimization of the Text to Speech Module speech output is generated. The seek of coming up with the type of voice/speech is to give out datum that is bestowed in the given image to the visually impaired people.

Keywords: OCR, TTS, CNN, Optical Character, Azure API


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