EmpowerSoC: An Open-Source Power Analysis Engine based on Qflow

  • Akshat Jain
  • Naveen Dugar
  • Sagar Yadav
  • Kunwar Singh


The paper introduces EmpowerSoC which is an open-source power analysis engine based on the Qflow tool chain. Both active and standby power consumption can be estimated using this tool. Qflow is used to run the RTL to GDSII flow a target design and is a silicon proven flow [1]. Power estimation in EmpowerSoC is done by extracting transistor-level post-layout netlists for various building blocks/cells on an automated basis. It has a user-friendly GUI through which users can set input bit patterns and other simulation parameters. It has been tested on various digital blocks and the obtained results have been presented.

Keywords: EmpowerSoC, Open-Source, Qflow, Power Analysis Engine, EDA


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