Comparative Analysis of Papr Using PTS and SLM Reduction Techniques for 5g Communication System

  • Himanshu Kumar Sinha
  • Anand Kumar
  • Abhishek Saurabh
  • Devasis Pradhan
Keywords: 5G,ODFM, PAPR,SLM, PTS


Enables license the quantity of subcarriers, high data rate and high unearthly proficiency. One of the significant downside in OFDM is the high top to average power ratio(PAPR). High PAPR prompts power shortcoming and sign contortion with pragmatic power intensifiers utilized at the transmitter. As in 5G framework use of ability to be productive and creator attempted to analyze the methods utilized for diminishing PAPR are cutting, particular planning (SLM),interleaving and fractional send sequence(PTS). In SLM , it delivers various option send groupings from similar information source and afterward chooses the communicate signal showing the least PAPR where as in PTS , there are two different ways of lessening PAPR , either by isolating the first OFDM signal into various sub-blocks or by duplicating the first OFDM signal with various stage arrangements.


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Sinha, H. K., Kumar, A., Saurabh, A., & Pradhan, D. (2022). Comparative Analysis of Papr Using PTS and SLM Reduction Techniques for 5g Communication System. Asian Journal For Convergence In Technology (AJCT) ISSN -2350-1146, 8(2), 51-56.

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