The Seeker: Network Element Manager Integrated with IPDB

  • Bhavya Shree C
  • Revathi V


Any country in the world constantly seeks the upgrade in every aspect of life and so is network industry. India is one of them as developing nation to constantly evolve in network industry although the evolution is considered to be moderate. With the growing amount of data produced every minute and the need of quick access of data at the user end in a network, the efficient yet exhaustive use of cloud resources has become more important than ever. Hence to reduce the time consumption and complication of the data collection when needed, the collaborative approach can be applied where in cloud gaffer along with network IMSI profile view including network element IP database manager can be developed known as The Seeker. The Seeker is a new gen software tool which is born with the collaborative approach in which cloud gaffer along with 5G/4G network IMSI profile view including network element IP database manager. There are micro services which require minimal resources, whereas there are other critical heavy resource usage projects which requires almost the entire cloud pot. Not only so, but there is also Generic Cloud which provides specific number of required resources and there are CBIS/NCIR cloud which provide another kind of resources. The variety of cloud products that any company serves to the user requires different types of hardware, input/output operation efficiency & geo-dependency to name a few. Thus, while deploying a cloud product or a service, finding out the right cloud for the use case becomes a time taking and hectic job. Even if we do so, many a times we find that someone else also using the same cloud resources and the job gets stuck. This tool will provide an one stop solution to procure that right cloud resources using OpenStack.Moreover, when the database is solid, the optimization of the resources becomes easier too! When it comes to Network Element Manager, it allows the user to obtain IP addresses that have not been allocated. The user must provide information about the cloud, IP type and vlan, IP in each. However, this is to automate the user request by processing the search into database and providing the users with required information. Moving on to latest Network IMSI profile view, in general network company uses shared data layer (SDL) as a backend of subscriber database. Imagine in a month how many requests will be raised regarding troubleshooting. Hence to achieve the solution for above problems THE SEEKER will have to be used.

Keywords: DBMS, CBIS, NICR, Cloud keeper, IPDB, Open stack, Rack Id, Rack ID version


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