Automated Attendance and Monitoring system using Machine Learning

  • Sanjana Mekala
  • Vishnu Vandana Pyatla
  • Sai Bhavyasree Vootla
  • Ashwini Ambigalla
  • Mareswara Rao Y


The conventional attendance method is arbitrary, inefficient, and time consuming. The proposed solution aims to increase the attendance system's adaptability and performance. To improve and upgrade the current attendance system, this study describes a face acknowledgment based participation checking framework for instructive foundations. Face detection and identification technology will be used behind the scenes. Understudies whose countenances are perceived are promptly gotten participation, which is refreshed in the EXCEL sheet alongside the time the face is perceived. A wire bunch contains the names of the understudies who are missing from class. Students who are present in class for a specified period of time are rewarded attendance. This is accomplished by monitoring. The entire database is uploaded to the cloud and can be accessed at any time.

Keywords: LDA, Machine Learning , KNN.


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