From Technology to a Business Offer: An Approach based on Design Innovation towards a workaid for Technologists as Startup Entrepreneurs

  • Doji Samson Lokku
  • Deepak John Mathew


Technology has a critical role to play in fulfilling a certain human need. But technologists often look for guidance to take the technology to market. This is where a perspective through Design Innovation can aid to convert the technology into a Business Offer, which is the first step for the technologists as Startup Entrepreneurs to go to market.Design Innovation is at the core of the intersecting dimensions of human desirability, technological feasibility, and financial viability. It is harnessed through the practice of creativity based Design extending to Innovation. Design Innovation addresses the entire realm of technology intervention fulfilling a human need through the respective business offer.By introducing the perspective on Design Innovation, it provides for the required guidance and approach for technologists, as they endeavor to go to market as Startup Entrepreneurs. This paper is about developing this approach based on Design Innovation, in adherence with Design Research Methodology.

Keywords: Design Innovation, Technology, Business


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