A Comprehensive Mobile Application for Consolidated Delivery Services in the Indian Marketplace

  • Shivhari Ananta Lokhande
  • Simran Khiani
Keywords: One Order System Mobile, Web Application


The proposed study aims to investigate the potential demand and benefits of a mobile application that allows consumers to purchase and receive various types of merchandise, including food, groceries, pharmacy items, e-commerce products, and courier services, through a single platform. The research will focus on the Indian marketplace, where several specialized delivery apps currently exist, but no comprehensive solution offering all types of merchandise.

To gather data and evaluate the feasibility of the proposed app, the study could use a combination of methods, such as surveys, focus groups, and analysis of existing market trends and data. The research could also explore the potential impact of the app on the existing delivery market and its potential to disrupt traditional models.


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How to Cite
Lokhande, S. A., & Khiani, S. (2023). A Comprehensive Mobile Application for Consolidated Delivery Services in the Indian Marketplace. Asian Journal For Convergence In Technology (AJCT) ISSN -2350-1146, 9(1), 1-6. https://doi.org/10.33130/AJCT.2023v09i01.001

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