Development of an IOT Based Industrial Fault Detection and Diagnosis System

  • Md. Nazrul Islam
  • Mohammad Arafin Rahman
  • , Kazi Muhammad Asif Ashrafi
  • Toufiq Ahmed


This paper has proposed an IoT based industrial fault detection and diagnosis system. The IoT (Internet of things) based industry protection system employing Arduino is intended to safeguard industries from losses brought on by accidents and monitoring the faults. Industrial accidents such as gas leakage causes fire resulting in significant industrial setbacks. Due to furnace explosions, electrical short circuits, or other circumstances, quick fire detection is also required. The proposed system uses flame sensor along with gas sensor to detect fire as well as gas leakage to avoid any industrial mishaps and prevent economic damage. The system consists of temperature detector to detect the high/low temperature, the phase fault detector (either single or three phases), voltage controller (high/low), and frequency monitoring. Flame and Gas sensors are also interfaced with arduino and LCD screen. The sensor data is constantly scanned to record values and check for fire, gas leakage and then this data is transmitted to online. The wifi module is used to achieve internet functionality. GSM module is sent message to specific numbers in case human operators aren’t present in online always. IP camera monitor the whole system from anywhere in the world.

Keywords: automation, fault detection, iot, safety, protection


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