Research on RFID-Based Wallet Detection System

  • M. Satya Srinivas
  • S. Karun
  • Y. Sindhu
  • V. Tarun Varma


Many of us mostly forget our Wallet, which is a must for all as it allows for the safeguarding very priceless things. Wallet is one of the most belongings, We are thus implementing a Smart Almost following you wallet. When compared to the standard wallets that are sold in the market, the smart wallet has several advantages. It is a contemporary wallet that has a GPS system integrated into it. Simply connect your smartphone to your smart wallet and use the app to track it. There are two operating modes for the Smart Wallet: Normal mode and Lost mode. The Wallet goes into lost mode when it is far away. The misplaced wallet can then be located using a GPS system. While in the default mode, if we travel a particular distance away from our wallet, we receive an alarm or alert message that we neglected to bring our wallet, allowing us to quickly locate it and carry it with us. The smart wallets can do all the tasks that the traditional dumb wallet can, but it also has additional capabilities like mobile charging and anti- theft security. It is always more expensive than a typical wallet, but it is typically well-made, has a sleek appearance, and offers some additional technological incentives. In order to address this, the research report suggests a smart wallet with features including a notification system for users who move away from the wallet.

Keywords: Smart wallet, GPS System, Internet of Things, Alarm, Alert Messages.


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