Computational Analysis of Brainwaves for Mind Relaxation during Meditation- A Survey

  • Vinni Sharma
  • Dr. Dharmendra Kumar Singh
  • Dr. Ravi Prakash


In the last few decades or so, various neuro imaging modalities have been used to answer questions regarding mind relaxation and anxiety states, ranging from EEG, fMRI, PET and others. Meditation as a mind relaxing technique is widely perceived to have potent, specific effects on both the body and mind. The researchers have traced the various spectral characteristics of EEG recorded during meditation. The changes of EEGs during meditation is analyzed by using various signal processing techniques. Also the statistical parameters are compared and results obtained. Lot of research is going on towards the same direction Some of very reputed Research institutes are involved in this field like S.Vyas University, Bangluru, Indian Institute of Technology (IITs), Institute of Neurosciences, Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, All India Institute of medical sciences, etc. This paper is an attempt to study the various method used by researchers, scientists and doctors to study the positive effects of meditation.

Keywords: Meditation, Signal processing, Electroencephalography, Wavelet transform, phase synchrony


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