Automization of Rationing System

  • Shivabhakt Mhalasakant Hanamant University of Pune
  • Suraj V S
  • Moresh Mukhedkar


In this system the proposed concept is to replace the manual work in public distribution system. India’s PDS is the largest retail system in the world. Ration distribution is one of controversial issues that involves corruption and illegal smuggling of goods. All these things happen because all the work at ration shop involves manual intervention. The illegal activities like, wrong entry in register about amount of product in the shop, selling the products in other shop with high rates, adding impurities to the grains. People don’t have the idea about how much grain is allotted to them for this munch. [3]In this paper we are automizing the distribution system at the ration shop as well as we are maintaining the database at one main control station and updating the database so that the shopkeeper do not cheat the poor people. RFID tag is used for authentication and the automatic distribution is done with microcontroller. [1]For updation GSM is used. [4]Along with updation GSM is used to alert the customer about the arrival if goods The word automation means doing the particular task automatically in a sequence with faster operation rate and more precisely or accurately. This requires use of microcontroller along with communication network and some relevant software programming. The concept is to automate the PDS, A Government Of India initiative process in which a fixed amount of in the shop and to inform that Govt. has allotted this much quantity for them

Keywords: GSM, PDS, ration, Shop


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