Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio by Advanced Cuckoo Search

  • Ashu Malviya
  • Swapnil Nema


The radio spectrum is a naturally limited
resource which is needed for wireless communication systems.
Cognitive Radio (CR) is a suitable technology that can improve
the spectrum utilization efficiency. Spectrum utilization can be
enhanced by allocating licensed band to secondary user
(SU)/unlicensed user when the primary user (PU)/licensed user
is absent. The key feature of the CR is spectrum sensing. The
aim of this paper is to sense the spectrum holes or channels and
if primary user is not present then provide those empty
channels to secondary users by using Advanced Cuckoo Search
method (ACS). By using ACS method, the time of capturing
free channels is reduced as compared to other methods.
Furthermore, simulation is done to study the performance of
proposed method, which shows the proposed scheme is more
efficient as compared to existing schemes

Keywords: Cognitive Radio, Spectrum Sensing, Cuckoo Search


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