Publishing Fee

Publishing Fee

Asian Journal Publishing has adopted the Open Access model for AJCT. This ensures free public access to all the articles and materials published with no subscription fees. The goal is to ensure that all readers have access to quality scholarly articles.

In the Open Access format, all publication costs are paid for by the authors. These costs are often considered part of research expenses and may be paid for or reimbursed by affiliated institutions or funding agencies. Please consider securing funding from a variety of sources for publication fees.

AJCT does not charge publication fees but  an article submission fee to submit an article for the possibility of publishing. Following acceptance, AJCT  only charges an article processing charge (APC) in order to publish the paper.

Article Processing Charges (APC) Information

AJCT publishes in full open access, meaning unlimited use and reuse of articles, in addition to giving credit to the authors. All our articles are published under a Creative Commons (CC BY) license.

 Authors pay a one-time Article Processing Charge (APC) to cover the costs of peer review administration and management, professional production of articles in PDF and other formats, and dissemination of published papers in various venues, in addition to other publishing functions. There are no charges for rejected articles, no submission charges, and no surcharges based on the length of an article, figures or supplementary data. Some items (Editorials, Corrections, Addendums, Retractions, Comments, etc.) are published free of charge.

 AJCT develops and maintains its own electronic submission and peer-review website.

Journal management & development—The in-house Managing Editors track key performance indicators of each journal, monitor competing journals and the trends in the field. They also provide reports and hold discussions with the Editor-in-Chief and the Editorial Board.

Indexing & archiving—AJCT has a team dedicated to indexing relations who advise on the eligibility of a journal for application to be indexed in over different databases. Our team communicate closely with the contact persons at the different databases and receive regular updates on the status of applications. We dedicate time to keep ourselves up to date on any changes in the evaluation criteria or application procedure.

Long term preservation—MDPI supports long-term preservation of all its articles in CLOCKSS.

Discounts and waivers

AJCT waives 25%–27% of its content every year. We are committed to supporting the transition of all research to full open access, so offer APC waivers or discounts to some authors.

The APC covers the entire publication process including the editorial management, peer-review, language copy-editing, typesetting, reference validation and linking, plagiarism checking software, DOI purchase, submission to indexing platforms, and online hosting.

The APC is a non-refundable processing fee of 4000 INR ( India Author)  /100 USD ( Non Indian Author)  per article, which must be paid upon acceptance of a manuscript and prior to the final publication.

Papers being considered for special issues of certain conferences may be eligible for a 25% discount towards the publishing fee.