A Review Paper on Attribute-Based Encryption for Message Privacy In Cloud

  • Jyoti Deshmukh
  • Dr. Gayatri Bhandari


The notion of attribute-based encryption (ABE)
was proposed as an economical alternative to public-key
infrastructures. It is the set of descriptive attributes, used as an
identity to generate a secret key, as well as serving as the
access structure that performs access control. ABE is also a
useful building block in various cryptographic primitives such
as searchable encryption. . It successfully integrates
Encryption and Access Control and is ideal for sharing secrets
among groups, especially in a Cloud environment. Most
developed ABE schemes support key-policy or ciphertextpolicy
access control in addition to other features such as
decentralized authority, efficient revocation and key
delegation. This paper surveys mainstream papers, analyzes
main features for desired ABE systems, and classifies them
into different categories. With this high-level guidance, future
researchers can treat these features as individual modules and
select related ones to build their ABE systems on demand.
For ABE, it is not realistic to trust a single authority to
monitor all attributes and hence distributing control over many
attribute-authorities is desirable.
A multi-authority ABE scheme can be realized with a trusted
central authority (CA) which issues part of the decryption key
according to a user's global identifier (GID). However, this CA
may have the power to decrypt every cipher text, and the use
of a consistent GID allowed the attribute-authorities to
collectively build user's attributes. Decentralized ABE scheme
can eliminate the burden of heavy communication and
collaborative computation. It is observed that privacypreserving
decentralized key-policy ABE scheme has claimed
to achieve better privacy for users and is provably secure in
the standard model

Keywords: Attribute-based Encryption, Global Identifier, Privacy, Decentralized Authority, Access Control.


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