Interpreter Glove With Gesture Recognition Ability For Dumb And Deaf Ones

  • Suryabhan Shaw
  • Archana Kumari
  • Samir Basak


With the advent of wearable technology, it is now
possible to implement numerous and extremely creative ideas
to serve humanity in unprecedented ways. Thus inspired, we
have developed a smart system which would be more beneficial
for deaf and dumb ones. The primary goal of this paper is to
design and implement a low cost wired interactive glove,
interfaced with Arduino UNO, with a high degree of accuracy
for gesture recognition. The glove maps the orientation of
fingers with the help of flex sensors. The data is then
transmitted to the smartphone with the help of Bluetooth
module connected with arduino UNO. As, they have the ability
to see they do read and write. The system is modeled for the
differently abled section of the society to help convert sign
language to more human understandable and efficient form
such as interpretation or understandable voice/speech. As
nowadays, smartphones are playing a vital role in our lifestyle.
Thus inspired, we had developed an app which will interpret
on behalf of hearing and speech impaired ones. It will vocalize
the statement they write and do converts speech to text which
they can read. If they fall in some trouble, they can crave for
help just by making fist or using a hotkey integrated in the app
which will make sound of siren. If in some bad day they have
an accident, the smartphone finds an accidental shake and the
helping message with the location will be sent to registered
mobile number and the same message will be sent to
ambulance and an automatic call will go for emergency and
proper confirmation. This device will bridge the gap in
communication and helps them to grow their career.

Keywords: Gesture recognition, data glove, data extraction method, voice interpretation, Save Our Souls (SOS), speech to text, text to speech


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