Operation Methods for Grid-connected PV system for Voltage Control in Distribution System – A Review

  • Priya Patel
  • Jignesha Ahir
  • Arjun Jariwala


Abstract—PV solar systems employ inverters to transform dc
power from solar panels into ac power for injecting into the
power grids. Inverters that perform multiple functions in
addition to real power production are known as “smart
inverters”. This paper presents a novel control of PV inverter as a
dynamic reactive power compensator – STATCOM. This “smart
PV inverter” control enables a PV solar inverter to operate in
three modes – i) Full PV, ii) Partial STATCOM, and iii) Full
STATCOM, depending upon system needs.

Keywords: Photovoltaic; Static Synchronous Compensator.


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