• Chandrasekar S
  • Elanchezhiyan Mailsamy
  • Abisha Subramani
  • Jeysankar Muthusamy


Reflexology is gentle manipulation or pressing
on certain parts of the foot, hand and ears to produce an
effect elsewhere in the body. It stems from traditional
Chinese medicine. “The idea is that energy, called ‘chi’ flows
through the body along particular pathways, or meridians”
says Denis Merkas, an acupuncturist and massage therapist.
The idea of this article is to provide reflexology treatment for
the foot by designing a pair of organic cotton house slipper
in which electronically controlled airbags are incorporated at
the flat surface. This helps to stimulate the circulation of the
blood, helping muscle tone, results in enhancing the
calmness and relaxing effects of a foot massage on the whole

Keywords: Reflexology, Solenoid Valves.


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