A Review on Tuning Methods for PID Controller

  • Sangram Bharat
  • Arunangshu Ganguly
  • Rohit Chatterjee
  • Biswajit Basak
  • Deb Kumar Sheet
  • Anirban Ganguly


PID controller tuning is important for having
minimal overshoot in steady state response and lesser settling time.
Apart from two conventional methods of tuning such as Ziegler
Nichols closed loop oscillation and Cohen-Coon’s process reaction
curve method there are other methods such as fuzzy set-point weight
(FSPW) tuning and genetic algorithm (GA) are drawing the interest
of researchers. This reports a survey on works related to PID
controller tuning methods using fuzzy-logic and GA. A comparison
is made between conventional two methods and fuzzy-logic based
tuning methods through simulation using MATLAB Simulink.

Keywords: PID controller; Ziegler Nichol’s (ZN) method; process reaction curve; FSPW; GA; Simulink.


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