• Shardul Kharalkar
  • Shubham Kolvekar
  • Tejas Latne


In modern India where people talk about smart
cities and India as a digitizing nation, it is very important that
we start with necessities of citizens. Grocery shopping is one
such necessity that requires modernization. There has always
been a long queue at the billing counters in shopping malls.
This activity many times consumes lot of time which results in
frustration amongst customers. This problem is faced by
everyone. Especially in India where there is a lot of population
and not enough billing counters. There are online grocery
stores available, but they have their own disadvantages like
minimum bill value etc. To overcome this problem an idea has
been developed which can be implemented in all the shopping
malls to save customer’s precious time and simplify the billing
In a country like India where cost is an important parameter, it
is important to keep in mind the manufacturing cost of the
product. If the cost is low without compromising the
functioning, the model can be implemented on a larger scale.
Considering this the model has been built with the most
commonly available and efficient hardware. This paper
describes the idea of smart shopping basket and how it can be
built using basic cost-efficient hardware. In the proposed
model, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) has been used
to detect grocery items. Every product will have a RFID tag
and every cart will have a reader. A RFID reader is used to
decode the tag and display the information on a small Liquid
Crystal Display (LCD). Technical working of the circuit with
hardware specifications has been discussed and ways of
optimization have been suggested. Different variants of this
idea have been studied from research papers and a simplified
and effective model with working has been proposed in this

Keywords: Automatic Billing, Smart Shopping, Bill, Liquid Crystal Display, Radio Frequency Identification, Customers


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