Succorsavior lifeguard system to rescue drowning victim

  • AbhishekNarayan Khanke
  • Prasad Narayan Khanke


Drowning is the third leading reason of accidental
injury-related death, even with of enhancements in lifeguarding
and rescue operation technique.The ultimate goal of this paper is
to enhance a lifeguard’s ability not only to find drowning victims
but also instantly respond and rescue them. This paper explains
working, design and description of The Succor savior lifeguard
system. The aim of this paper is to describe this concept so it will
be used with lifeguard’s team to rescue drowning victims in body
of water and beneficial for humankind. It will help to find
endangered drowning persons and to rescue them safely.

Keywords: Drowning victims, wristbands, unmanned surface vehicle


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