Text Image Extraction and Summarization

  • Neha Joshi


with the huge amount of increase in data these
days data processing has become very important. It filters
a large amount of data. The text mining tool finds relation
between the words in text content and analyzes the results
as well. Deriving quality information from text forms the
crux of data analysis or text mining. This paper focuses on
a text mining application. Text information present in
images is recognized and is summarized according to
requirement, i.e. number of lines that text needs to
summarize is dependent on user. Text mining thus is used
to save time of the user, increase the data efficiency. It is
used to make computation on data that a human would
definitely fail to do, that is for analytics of large volumes of
data. Hence text image extraction and summarization is a
necessity in the current scenario. If the efficiency of the
proposed model is optimized, this model of Text Image
Extraction and Summarization can be very beneficial. It
can used as a ready to go , click image and get summary
application in a variety of situations. In this proposed
model, even the number of lines the content has to be
specified, thus ensuring that the extent of summarization is
completely user controlled.

Keywords: Text mining, Natural Language Processing, Optical Character Recognition, Summarization, Image Processing


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