A Survey on Rough Set Theory and Their Extension For Data Mining

  • Jalaluddin Khan
  • Jian Ping Li
  • Ghufran Ahmad Khan
  • Asad Malik
  • Shadma Parveen
  • Mohammad Shahid


Nowadays the amount of data has been huge and
to extract useful information is too difficult. By the frequently
research of thirty years, a new mathematical or data mining
tool, the rough set theory, evolve with vague, imprecise and
uncertainty information by the researcher Pawlak. Rough set
theory is well known for knowledge discovery and popular for
making the good decision with specific data. It is also dealing
with the approximation concept for providing the decision such
as acceptance and rejection. In this paper I summarized the
basic concept of rough set theory, different operation with little
example and the extension of rough set theory. By using
extension, we can deal any proposed task in the field of Data

Keywords: Probabilistic rough set, Rough set theory, Variable Precision rough set, Decision theoretic rough set.


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