Architectural Integration for Wireless Communication Security in terms of integrity for Advanced Metering Infrastructure-Survey Paper

  • Priyanka Halle
  • Dr.S. Shiyamala


At present, cyber-security has become very
significant problem. The universal security integration give
number of cyber-security standards. These standards deliver
different digital security methods which are established to escape
cyber-security attacks. These standards suggest general outlines
and accurate techniques for implementing cyber-security. For
architectural integration the cyber-security standards play vital
role. In this paper, authors are trying to improve wireless
communication security for Advanced metering infrastructure by
providing reliable architectural integration in terms of integrity.
AMI is key part of the Smart Grid (SG). From the collected
work it is clear that, AMI provides efficiency, reliability,
scalability and privacy but due to security problem it lowers the
performance. Wireless communication security of AMI to be
determined by considering four parameters that is confidentiality
(C), integrity (I), availability (A) and accountability (Ac) or nonrepudiation.
The number of researchers has done work on
wireless communication security for AMI but stagnant there is
enormous problem of security. Because of still no one researcher
has considered four security parameters. By considering these
four parameters we can see drastic change in wireless security for
AMI. Improvement in these parameters, AMI will be more
advanced. But in this paper we are going to focus on wireless
security for AMI in terms of Integrity only.
AMI totally depends on wireless communication network.
And now days AMI suffers from various cyber-attacks on
wireless communication network. A security framework and
architectural integration are the things necessary for confident
communication of data and control messages. Existing security
algorithms are not suitable for smart grid data communication
because of their large execution time, more cost and the
requirement of more memory. This paper tries to provide
security algorithm in terms of integrity with less time and cost.
After surveying the existing security solutions in this area, we
propose for wireless communication security WiMAX technology
(Worldwide Interoperability or Microwave Access Smart
architectural integration is very essential for AMI. Infrastructure
of AMI consists of basic steps like power generation, substation
and distribution. Different attacker attacks on AMI
infrastructure. By improving architecture we can make AMI
more secure.

Keywords: Architectural integration, AMI, Security, Communication Standard, Integrity.


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