Health Condition Monitoring of Transformer: A Review

  • Niyanta Patel
  • Darshan Vora
  • Ankit Singh Basera
Keywords: Condition monitoring, Need of monitoring; On line monitoring; benefits of condition monitoring; Faults in transformer; condition monitoring techniques


In power system network Transformers are one of
the most vital asset equipment so it requires special care and
observation. Health Monitoring of transformers before problems
occur it can stop unscheduled faults that are cost of maintance or
repair and outcome in a misplacement of service. Monitoring
system can help the transformer life cycle as well as authenticity.
Monitoring is observing the statistics of transformer and
identifies data of history of transformer. The main goal of this
paper is to convey need of condition monitoring, types of failure
occurs in transformers and to review mitigation methodologies
adopted for health condition monitoring of transformers.


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