Brain Controlled Car using Deep Neural Network

  • Amit Kumar
  • Aishwarya Bhisikar
  • Ajay Kumar Pandit
  • Ketan Singh
  • Ajitkumar Shitole


Brain Computer Interface (BCI) is
the modern technology which uses the brain
neural activity to control the machines,
robots, etc. This paper focuses on processing
of the signals received from the
Electroencephalography (EEG) headset into
directions using Artificial Neural Network.
The main aim is to control a car using
Neurosky Mindwave Mobile headset. The
goal is to help people suffering from
disabilities and motion syndrome. The EEG
headset is placed on the head of the user and
signals like Alpha1, Alpha2, attention level,
meditation level, blink and raw signals are
recorded. The pre-processed signal and feedforward
Artificial Neural Network are used
for classification. ANN is developed in 3
layers: input, hidden and output. The six
signals received from Neurosky Mindwave
headset is given as input to ANN. This will
identify the direction of the car to move
forward, backward, left, right or stop.

Keywords: Brain Computer Interface, Electroencephalography, Neurosky Mindwave, Artificial Neural Network.


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