Secure Outsourcing of Linear Programming Solver in Cloud Computing: A Survey

  • Sheetal Phatangare
  • Gayatri Bhandari


There are currently major concerns about how
to safeguard and process the data processed by infection.
Innumerable industrial, figuring and optimization methods
are being used to resolve this problem. The problem has been
fixed for secure outsourcing for large issues. In this paper, the
terms required in Cloud Security have been presented. The
privacy feats of secure cloud are used to frustrate, to achieve
more aspects of security. While cloud computing is being used
to outsource large scale computer outsourced to the cloud,
data privacy has become a major problem. In this paper,
modern cryptographic techniques, which have been sourcing
with research work proposed in the previous years. Based on
some flaw fixes, the current situation has been identified.
There is also the motivation for this paper problem and future
research guidelines.

Keywords: Confidential Data; Secure Outsourcing Algorithms; Problem Optimization; Cloud Computing


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