Hybrid PVT- A Novel Method For Improvement Of Solar Panel Efficiency

  • V.K. Thombare
  • Vishal Devkate
  • Tushar Gurav
  • Aparna Gurav
  • Khalil Kotwal
  • Abhijeet Kumbhar


An alternative and cost effective solution to developing
integrated PV system is to use hybrid photovoltaic thermal solar
system .The temperature of PV modules increases due to
absorbed solar radiation that is not converted into electricity, due
to these increases the heat causing a decrease in their efficiency.
In hybrid solar PV/T system the temperature of the of PV module
can be reduced by using circulating of water through the
collectors at the back side of the PV/T panel. In this paper we
present the developing a new hybrid PV/T solar system. Hybrid
PV/T system can provide electrical and thermal energy, thus
achieving a higher energy conversion rate of the absorbed solar
radiation. The main advantage of our combined PV/T solar
system is to removing of heat from the PV panel, thus the
decrease in temperature and increase in efficiency of system, also
extend the lifetime of photovoltaic cells due to the removing of
heat from PV part which is used to heat the water in the thermal
part of the panel.

Keywords: photovoltaic panel, Hybrid-photovoltaic thermal system, solar PV/T collector.


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