• Sharana Basava S Madari
  • Adlinge S D
  • A. Thirija Sharmila


This research paper presents the work on the multi
fusion path planning algorithm for Unmanned Ground Vehicle
(UGV), which includes, tasks such as studying various existing
algorithms, combing algorithms for better results,
implementing multi fusion path planning algorithm to produce
an optimal path for UGV in a simulated environment. To
determine collision free path for a robot from start to goal
position in a workspace comprising of obstacles, is the main
challenge in the design of an autonomous UGV. The Multi
fusion Path planning algorithm subsequently attempts to
create free paths for the UGV to travel in the workspace
without colliding with obstacles. Probabilistic roadmap (PRM)
algorithm along with Dijkstra algorithm is used for the UGV
navigation in an environment. Python is used for simulation of
the results.

Keywords: Path planning; Probabilistic Roadmap (PRM); Dijkstra algorithm; KNN (K-nearest neighbor); Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV).


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LiangYang, JuntongQi, DaleiSong, JizhongXiao, JiandaHan and
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