Comparision Between Ideal And Switched Capacitor Based Fractional Order Current Integrator

  • Ankita Singh
  • Richa Yadav


The driving factor behind this research work is to design
quite authenticate and balanced fractional order integrator using very
few passive elements, with low biased voltage and high dynamic range.
Integrator are very vital and important fractional quantum of
different PID controllers and electronic system. Modelling of
integrator in fractional domain refines their Operational properties
and gives highly explicit and improved responses. In this research an
integrator of fractional order of 0.1 have been simulated on 180nm
technology in Cadence tool. The proposed results give the power
dissipation of 7.83uw,and noise margin of 3.14E-9db.The proposed
work also improve the phase difference upto -80 to 300.

Keywords: Current conveyor, Fractance, Current mode Integrator , Switched capacitor


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