Power Filters to Reduce Harmonics to Improve Power Quality

  • Prakash Chavan
  • Aishwarya Patil
  • Pratibha Patil
  • Pranali Dongare
  • Satyawan Surwase
  • Prasad Bhalkar


This paper focuses towards implementation of hybrid active
power filter for compensation of harmonics to improve power quality.
Development in smart grid technology created a higher demand for
improved power quality. Harmonics are the main constraints for
poor power quality. Adjustable-speed drives, switching power
supplies, arc furnaces, electronic fluorescent lamp ballasts, lightning
strike, L-G fault are the sources of poor power quality. Non linear
loads are the major source of harmonics in modern power system.
The problems associated with power quality are voltage sags, voltage
swells, interruption, sustained interruptions, over voltage, under
voltage, long-duration voltage variations, voltage imbalance, and
waveform distortion. To overcome these problems motivated to
design the hybrid active power filter. For the improvement of power
quality hybrid filter amongst other involves the use of both the
passive filter and shunt APF in combination are being used to
eliminate both higher and lower order harmonics. The p-q method is
used for harmonic suppression. The expected properties of shunt
hybrid power filter have been confirmed by simulation test in

Keywords: Adjustable speed drives Active power filter Hybrid active power filter Power Quality Harmonics


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