Peltier based Ice Maker

  • Niketan Patil
  • Meeti Patel
  • Manan Mehta
  • Nikhil Mundfan


The Portable Ice Maker system is based on Peltier module and its effect. The Peltier or thermoelectric cooler (TEC), can be used either for heating or for cooling application. As it works on principle of thermodynamics the module itself can be used as a generator or as a source of thermal dissipater of heat and cold. The system consist of two Peltiers (12V- 6A). The Peltier causing temperature difference at two different junction, the hot junction temperature is reduced by water cooling due to this the temperature at opposite cold junction drops drastically at lower degree’s to form ice cube’s. The container holding water to form ice at cold junction is built from pure aluminum to obtain maximum results. The key components of Portable Ice Maker is housed in an enclosed insulated cabinet to achieve maximum efficiency. The thermoelectric cooling of Peltier module features longevity with less maintenance due to its solid state design. The advantage of Peltier technology is that it is location independent, vibration free as well as its operation is noise less as compared to conventional compressor which contains harmful gases which are harmful to environment. The Ice Maker machine is a light weight, compact and rigid.

Keywords: Ice maker, Peltier effect, seebeck effect, thermoelectric module.


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