• Md. Raseduzzaman Ruman
  • Mukta Das
  • S.M. Istiaque Mahmud


This paper represents the home automation with full security and controlling the home appliances using wireless communication as Wi-Fi. We scheme this smart home system with the implementation of related software and hardware. Home automation has become more and more commercial and marketable in recent years. It trains at helping mankind manage the home appliances freely and boosts an autonomous environment in the home. Every day the world of technology evolves amazingly fast. The IOT term, web services, content delivery networks. All of these terms come to aim the same thing, to develop tools that let people, in general, to be more productive and more efficient. The recommended system consists of two main components- the first part is the server (web server), which presents a system core that manages, controls, and monitors users home and outside of the city

Keywords: automation, appliances, Wi-Fi, IOT, wireless, web server.


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