A Survey on Motion Detection by Image Stitching techniques

  • Kashika P H
Keywords: Image stitching; Panorama; object detection; Surveillance; seamless image


In today’s world, an image stitching/homogenizing is


considered as a dynamic research area in graphics and computer vision. Image homogenizing literature shows that it is a challenging task for panoramic images. Panorama Image stitching is the process of merging two or more images of the same scene into one high resolution seamless image called as panoramic image. Tracking motion and moving object identification is the basic source to extract important information regarding moving objects from anomalous sequences in continuous image based surveillance systems. This paper presents a survey study about the process of panoramic image stitching(PIS) process and the main components of PIS. Further, a framework of a complete panorama image stitching system to detect the moving objects based on these approaches will be introduced.


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