Smart Door Lock System

  • Meghna Prabhu
  • Nivea Sharma
  • Simran Kaur
  • , Dr. Y.S. Rao
Keywords: Door Lock, Camera, Mobile Application, Bluetooth, keyless entry


Home automation can impact our life on a daily basis in a positive way by making our life easier and secure. A computerized, intelligent system of electronic devices, designed to monitor and control. A growing number of systems have always been a helping hand for handicaps. In this paper, we propose a smart door lock  system for homes. How life can get easier by just a simple click on our smart phone? The key aim of this system is to enhance our life by providing safe and secure system and also gives ability to people with disabilities. Technically, our proposed system is a remote access control doorsystem wherein an image of a person standing at the front door gets captured by a camera installed at the door and this image is sent to a mobile application which is accessed by the user present inside the house. The user receives the image on a mobile application via Bluetooth and thus can lock/unlock the door accordingly. This product supports keyless entry which adds a big measure to security by providing a sense of protection and is moreconvenient.


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