Musical Instrument Tuner

  • Upasana Thakuria
  • Shreeram Narayanan
  • Reena Kumbhare
Keywords: Audio signal processing, Welch power spec- trum, Periodogram power spectrum, fundamental frequency, audio octave level, audio string.


There are numerous types of signal processing with audio signal processing being a major sub-set. As the name suggests, audio signal processing is the processing of audio signals


  1. Welch’s Method




which are sound waves in their electronic form. This has wide applications like analog-digital format conversion, removal of background disturbance(noise) for clearer audio, addition of required effects, and many others. According to a number of studies, there is an acute need of representing musical audio signals in the form of their fundamental frequencies for the purpose of tuning. This paper proposes a moderate accuracy level representation of an audio file on the basis of power spectral density plot in order to determine whether the given note is flat or sharp that is to determine and verify a chord via audio signal processing on the basis of power or frequency spectral density plot using MATLAB. Result analysis of the fundamental frequencies was completed and compared with the values of fundamental frequencies of various musical instrument notes from the database chart. In this paper, we have used the Welch Method and the Periodogram Method to compute the power spectral density.


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