Melanoma Detection using Machine Learning

  • Alisha Loy
  • Aysha Thankayathil
  • Nimmy Baby
  • Melvin Thomas
Keywords: Asymmetry, Border irregularity, Colour, Diameter, Melanoma, Support Vector Machine, Total Dermatoscopic Score.


Melanoma being the deadliest form of cancer, if detected at an early stage can be completely cured. Most of the skin cancer detection methods are painful. Our project aims at non-invasive technique to detect skin cancer at an early stage. Initially the dermatoscopic images are pre-processed and segmented. Once segmentation is done, features such as Asymmetry, Border Irregularity, Colour and Diameter are extracted and a score is assigned. Based on the score, a TDS (Total Dermatoscopic Score) is calculated. This TDS score and extracted features are used to train the SVM (Support Vector Machine) and test images are given to SVM. It classifies the image as cancerous and non-cancerous.


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