Real Time Plant Watering System

  • Vaidehi Deshpande
  • Srushti Gharat
  • Pooja Firke
  • Dr Surendra Singh Rathod
Keywords: embedded , touchscreen , app , regular updates, microcontroller, RTC


Real Time Plant Watering system with embedded control is a user friendly system where the user just has to set      the time of the day and the duration during which he wants to water his plants .He can set these parameters on the touchscreen display.This system is also available on the app for the ease of the user where he can get the indication when the system is running   as the message will be sent on the  app  when  system  is started and stopped. Hence the daily status of the system can be tracked and through the regular updates of the system he can also spot   any disruption in system through the android application [1].Real Time Plant Watering system with embedded control uses the 8051 micro controller.Real time Clock (RTC) is interfaced with 8051 to water plants on proper time . According to the time set, the micro controller enables the water pump to water the plants.This system is the most convenient way to monitor the watering of plants regularly so as to keep the plants in good condition.


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